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          Gillotts 188体育直播现场’ Association aims to support the school by raising funds for special projects and by creating a supportive community of parents around the school.

          504 Gateway Time-out


          至 join our mailing list or for any enquiries please email gillottspa@gmail.com


          The regular PA committee meeting for the year are as follows.  The committee meet in room A1 in school – signed from by the barrier.
          年April30日Thursday 6.30-8pm
          Monday 22 June 6.30-8pm (final planning for summer event)
          Everyone is very welcome to attend our Committee Meetings and we are actively seeking new Committee Members. Other informal meetings are held for ideas, planning & socialising in between these Committee Meetings.


          把日期在你的日记 - 周五6月26日


          Our School Fund is an opportunity for parents to support the quality of education for their children through making regular voluntary contributions to be used directly to provide resources for use in the classroom and at home.

          There is no obligation or pressure to donate but, if you would like to, we will be grateful for whatever you can afford.

          504 Gateway Time-out

          The Flier below gives you all the information you need to set up regular contribution. Thank you.


          188体育网投_188体育直播现场家长协会 现在与注册 amazonsmile。这是 a 服务 operated by Amazon with exactly the same products, prices and shopping features as amazon.co.uk. The difference is that when you shop on amazonsmile, Amazon will donate 0.5%

          We would be REALLY grateful if you would consider selecting 188体育网投_188体育直播现场家长协会 如您选择的慈善机构 and using amazonsmile each time you shop with Amazon.

          完成一次性 设置您需要:

          1. 访问 //smile.amazon.co.uk/
          2. 请用你的正常Amazon帐户细节
          3. You will then be asked to choose a charity: ‘选择 an organisation or pick your own’ – pick your own by searching for 188体育网投_188体育直播现场
          4. 选择 188体育网投_188体育直播现场家长协会 如您选择的慈善机构

          AmazonSmile will now remember your preference (which you can change to any other charity enrolled with AmazonSmile should you wish to). You will receive a Welcome to amazonsmile email, this will include a link to 安装亚马逊助手 您的浏览器,你应该想牛逼O,作为一个有益的提醒amazonsmile使用。

          重要 - 你必须在开始 smile.amazon.co.uk 对于购买才有资格。

          Unfortunately, purchases through the Amazon App on your mobile are not eligible. One option is to use the app to add items to your basket but finish the checkout process through smile.amazon.co.uk。或者,您可以:

          1. 访问 smile.amazon.com 在移动浏览器(如Safari浏览器)
          2. For iphones, hit the share button at the bottom then select ‘Add to Home Screen’
          3. For android, hit the menu icon at the top right then select ‘Add to Home Screen’
          4. You have just created a shortcut to the amazonsmile page to easily navigate to from your phone
          5. Don’t forget to delete the existing Amazon app 🙂

          Collectively, purchases through amazonsmile could make a really big difference to us.

          不要忘了 - 总是面带微笑购物!


          Scholastic Books have a very generous rewards scheme that provide books & resources to schools. They will donate a 25p reward for every £1 spent in their online shop (orders over £10), book clubs and fairs. They stock some fantastic books and resources. If you are considering making any purchases from their website please nominate 188体育网投_188体育直播现场 to receive the rewards!
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          RG9 1PS

          01491 574315

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